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CLUSTER DEXTRIN® by Glico Nutrition Co., Ltd.

Over the past 13 years, Mitsubishi International Food Ingredients, Inc. (“MIFI”) has enhanced its international supply chain, drawing on Mitsubishi Corporation’s worldwide network to better service its customer base through global sourcing, delivery quality and steadfast solutions for product developers. MIFI manages $1.9 billion global ingredient manufacturer, ingredient innovator, solution provider, and supply chain leader. These enhancements include integrating the operations of some of Mitsubishi Corporation’s affiliates, including highly experiential Clinically Proven Nutritional Ingredients from MIFI’s Japanese supplier partners with established brands.

Bronze sponsors

FutureCeuticals Inc.

FutureCeuticals, Inc. is an industry leader in the research, development and manufacture of fruit, vegetable, and grain-based products for the functional food, cosmetics, and dietary supplement markets. With over 700 conventional and 500 certified organic acres of farmland and over 1,000,000 square feet of manufacturing and research facilities in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, California, and Europe, we are vertically integrated from field to finished product and offer a comprehensive line of fruit, vegetable, and grain-based powders and extracts.

NSF International

NSF International is a global non-profit on a mission to protect and improve human health. When consumers see the NSF certification mark on a package, they can be sure those supplements have been independently tested for harmful levels of specific contaminants and that the ingredients listed on the package are actually in the product. NSF International is the leading certifier of dietary supplements globally, having developed the official American National Standard for dietary supplements (NSF/ANSI 173 – Dietary Supplements).

NSF’s non-profit mission sets us apart – inspiring the organization to develop the most comprehensive and scientifically rigorous banned substance testing and certification program. NSF Certified for Sport® certification mark helps athletes and consumers identify products that do not contain athletic banned substances. This is why the NSF Certified for Sport® program is used by the NFL, NHL, MLB, PGA, LPGA, Canadian Center for Ethics in Sport (CCES) and the New York City Police Department.
NSF dietary supplement certification helps elevate your brand to the highest level of quality.

To learn more about the NSF Certified for Sport® Program, visit

or contact us at: or 1-800-NSF-MARK.


Gemini Pharmaceuticals

Gemini Pharmaceuticals Inc. is your transparent contract manufacturing partner for cGMP compliant dietary and sports nutrition supplements. With over 30 years of experience, Gemini is a leading manufacturer of clean label, science backed dietary supplements with production exceeding 13 billion tablets/ capsules per year. The quality of the operation has been recognized by the achievement of both NSF and TGA registrations and the issuance of a Foreign Site Reference Number by Health Canada. Stringent quality control procedures enable Gemini to manufacture supplements in compliance with current sports regulations. Gemini also makes products in accordance with both Kosher and Halal requirements.


Rousselot and Peptan are both brands of Darling Ingredients Inc. Rousselot is the global leader* in gelatin and collagen peptides. Rousselot’s wide range of collagen peptides are marketed under the Peptan brand.

One Peptan, a world of health benefits
At Peptan, we believe in our science. Peptan provides multiple health benefits by acting as building blocks for healthy joints, bones and muscles as well as skin. Globally recognized as the leading collagen peptides brand, Peptan consistently delivers the highest quality and support to meet your innovation and formulation needs. Peptan is the one bioactive ingredient that brings you a step closer to a healthier tomorrow.

*Grand View Research, Gelatin Market Analysis and Segments Forecasts to 2024, 2014

Lubrizol Company

Lipofoods, a Lubrizol Company, specializes in the development and production of microencapsulated functional ingredients such as minerals, phytosterols and caffeine, providing nutritional and technical solutions in the functional foods and dietary supplements/nutraceuticals industries. Lipofoods has a strong presence worldwide through its well-established distribution network and is also an ISO 22000 certified company. Our core technology strength in microencapsulation applied to our branded ingredients gives us potential basis to enable our customers to develop premium products with leading performance claims.

Atlantia Food Clinical Trials Ltd

Atlantia Food Clinical Trials Ltd is a world class dynamic company providing clinical studies expertise for the food, beverage and supplements sector. We conduct studies in functional ingredients, nutraceuticals, and dietary supplements.
We work with scientists and medics across a variety of partner institutions and provide our clients with options based on their clinical research, regulatory or validation needs.
We have capability right across the spectrum of functional food and beverage categories, such as dairy, probiotic, proteins, vitamins/minerals and beverage. We have extensive expertise, in the areas of- digestive health, sports performance, healthy ageing, nutrient uptake, mental health (stress, cognition), cardiovascular, bone and immune health. We have a database of over 10,000 subjects.